Understanding "FUNDING"

Understanding the FUNDING is very easy. When a person decides they want to join a Team and participate in the Game they register on 2 sites. One of these is NetSpend.

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(From Website )
NetSpemd affiliate explanation.jpg

So how does it work for us to make the Game free?
When you receive your card in the mail you take it to a local load center.
You load at least $40 ( $41 recommended).
Just like a Bank this Money goes into your account and is available to use.
At this point, NetSpend will send a $20 Bonus to your both your account and the person that referred you.
You contact your "Referrer" ( the person who's Team you joined ) and tell them you are ready to be "FUNDED".
They will then send you their $20 bonus.
This will give you $40 to start the Game with real money.
You will have to spend $3.95 to get your NetSpend card loaded and need $35 to start NWC. The total is less than the $40 you have.
*Remember - your original money ($41) is still in you account. 
You may ask,"Why would my referrer send me their bonus?"
Answer: Because they know you are going to use the money to join NWC under them and start a new line of product payments. They would be a fool to keep the $20 and give up all payments, on all the levels, in the future. 
You may ask, "Why would I spend the $40 to start Playing with real money?"
Answer: You'd be a fool to keep the $40 and give up the potential to make thousands+.
Now, what if someone already has an "Activated" NetSpend card. Well, they would not be able to start for free as they have already received their bonus. Should this prevent them from Not playing? No, not at all. Yes, they'll have to pay the $35 at the start but will quickly make the money right back. (* See FAQ for a possible way to be reimbursed ) They still have the ability to "FUND" their new players. That is the real benefit of the NetSpend affiliate program. You keep getting "Bonuses" with every referral, giving you the opportunity to Fund as many as you like. Your Team Building would not be affected by, already, having an activated/loaded card.

*This method makes it possible for every participant/Player to "Broker" or "Finance" most every member on their Team.
It eliminates the hesitancy of sharing as this will benefit all those who decide to Play.

So, that's it. If you can understand this, then the rest is a breeze. :)