Welcome To the Start of your Process!

Here's a list of the things to do before next week:

Heading 4

- If the email that brought you here was in a SPAM folder, please adjust the settings so further emails go to your primary email. This way there is no risk of missing a reminder email or if an urgent email is sent regarding P7BP.

- Set an alarm/event for a week from now on your cellphone. The time should be the approximate time you hit the "Go" to start the Process. Every week, for the next 8 weeks, this will be the time you "Level- Up" or  buy the next package in National Wealth Center.

- When your NetSpend card arrives, activate, then find a local load center ( here ) and load with at least 40. ( I loaded $41 just to be safe.) That money will be in your NetSpend account and available to use. An additional $20 will be sent by NetSpend. Notify your referrer that you've loaded the account and request the other $20. You now have the funds to start the business.

- * IMPORTANT - Do Not start the (NWC) business early. Wait until the entire 7 days are up and you either get an alarm on your phone or a reminder email. You don't want to be early or late. For the Process to work correctly, you want to adhere closely to the 7-day protocol.


- Click on the Icon above and sign on to our GUILDED Server

- Decide how you want to share the Process with others. You could easily just send people to and give them your NWC and NetSpend links when they want to start or, for those who really want to "blow-up" with this, you could take a few minutes and create a professional capture page. Completely free. ( no credit card needed ) This is highly recommended.

Give It A Shot!

P7 capture page non-video.png
P7 capture page w-video.png

This is completely free for 14 days. The  resources on this platform are impressive. The pages are already made, you just have to put the pieces together. You'll have your capture pages done in minutes!

( Then just follow the simple instructions below. )

P7 TCP sign up 1.png
P7 14 day trial TCP 2.png
P7 TCP register 3.png
P7 TCP Join Free 4.png

Find "Autoresponder" on the left side and click.

P7 capture autoresponder 5_edited.jpg

Click, "New Campaign".

P7 capture new campaign 6.png

Give it a name ( "Label" ) and description ( like: "email series" ) then copy and paste this into the "Share Code" box cbef001d

P7 share code 7.png

Then Save.

P7 TCP save now 8.png

Now, open up your "Autoresponder" again.

P7 capture autoresponder 5_edited.jpg

Click "View".

P7 TCP auto view 9.png

Click "Edit".

P7 TCP auto edit 10.png

For each email, edit with your specific links for NWC and NetSpend, along with your name and contact information.

P7 TCP email edits 11.png

Remember to "Save" after finishing each one.

P7 TCP save now 8.png

Almost Done!

Go to "Page Builder".

P7 TCP Page Builder 12.png

Click, "Create Page".

P7 TCP creat new (page) 13.png

Click, "Use Share Code".

P7 TCP use share code 14.png
P7 capture page non-video.png


P7 capture page w-video.png


Copy and paste the first code in and "Save".

P7 TCP share code - save 15.png

Now copy and paste the second code in. Then hit "Edit".

P7 TCP enter another - edit 16.png

Click on the "Mail Campaign" and the label/name of your email series should be there.

P7 TCP email campaign 17.png

Once in the box, "Save Lander".

P7 TCP save lander 18.png

To test, go back to Page Builder and click, "Get Link".

P7 TCP get link 19.png

Copy and paste the link to a browser.4

P7 TCP copy link 20.png

Fill out Info box and enter. Wait a couple minutes and check email. Be sure to check SPAM if you don't see it in your primary.

P7 TCP test lander 21.png

You can verify your contact by going into your autoresponder, clicking view and the opening up "Contacts".

P7 TCP contacts 23.png

You also have "Email Stats" below your campaigns in your autoresponder.

P7 TCP email stats 22.png