Watch the video but be sure to read the information on this page as it will be fully explained.



You may be asking yourself why this idea will be different from a conventional online business. Traditionally, people are asked to market to many people in hopes of generating interest. You will only need to find 4 people who already have an interest in making money and/or investing in their future. Also, they will be compensated, as will you, to try a process that has no risk. ( This is why I suggest you show friends ) Everyone proceeds through the business at the same rate via the "auto-reminder" email. This immediately cuts out the learning curve and the fear of failure. It takes, what usually, would seem daunting and turns it into a confident, fun, experience with community support.


( Primary )

  OK, now to explain how this will work. The intention is to create a self financing system that moves quickly enough that it can be completed in 8 weeks.That will produce exceptional results. ( The cost of starting will be absorbed via NetSpend )

National Wealth Center  ( click, obviously don't try to sign-up/join yet ) was chosen for a couple of reasons. First, it has been around as a stable and well run organization for over 4 years as a reverse 2-up, payment, method. ( this will be explained later ) Secondly, it has 7 levels of, very sound, product line that are in our wheelhouse.

How's the Process work?

Once you have decided to participate in the process, go to the person that introduced this site you you. Ask them if they have met their qualifier ( 4 people). If they have not, ask for their National Wealth Center address and NetSpend affiliate address. Once on their NWC page register on that site. Nothing more. Then, apply for a NetSpend card on the affiliate page that was given to you from your sponsor. Once done, click on the "GO" page ( on this site ) and register. You have now begun the "Process".  You will get an email welcoming you to the P7BP. For the next few days you will do nothing more than wait for the NetSpend card and invite 4 friends/associates to this page.( Give them your National Wealth Center and NetSpend links if they want to start) When the NetSpend Card arrives, activate and load it ASAP.

When you get the next email, a week later:

Pay the $25 for the Self Development. Let your sponsor know the transaction is complete along with your PayPal address. Finally, pay the $9.95 platform fee. ( Total : $34.95)

You're probably asking, "Why did I spend money, I thought I was going to be compensated to start? Let me explain. When you get your  NetSpend Card in the mail you'll have to activate your account with $40. It doesn't cost $40, as it will be in your account. ( you just moved $40 into your NetSpend account so the account would activate, similar to opening a Bank Account. The money is yours ) At the same time an additional $20 will be added by NetSpend as appreciation for using their service. ( You'll have your $40 from activation + $20 from NetSpend = $60 )  Now, notify your sponsor that you activated your account under their affiliate address. They will then send you the $20 they received as an affiliate/referrer. Total of $80 in NetSpend, with $40 of it for you to begin. ( The $34.95 cost to start +$4 NetSpend Load card has been "Covered" )  You now have started the "Process" at no cost. ( You will also have your own "Affiliate Page/URL" to give to the four you sponsor )

OK, when you hit "GO", it started the Process. Let me explain. Every 7 days you will get an email reminding you to proceed to the next level. It is important to start the process at a time that will be convenient for all 7 weeks.

It will look like this:

7 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to proceed to "Self Development" at $25. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

14 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to proceed to "Business Development" at $50. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

21 Days after you hit "GO" You'll get an email telling you to proceed to "Wealth Creation" at $100. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

28 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to upgrade to "Fitness Advantage" at $250. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

35 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to upgrade to "Wealth Creation Elite" at $1000. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

42 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to upgrade to "Network Marketing Edge" at $3500. Go into your (NWC) back office and upgrade.

49 Days after you hit "GO" you'll get an email telling you to upgrade to "The Vault" at $7500. Go into you (NWC) back office and upgrade. Success!

How Did I Pay For It All?

First thing to remember, you're really not selling as the Process will pay you to start. That takes away a great deal of effort in getting people interested. "Show" and "Explain" VS. "Pitch" and "Sell"

When you started and invited 4 friends, you kept 2. Those 2 will have invited 4, you will have had 2 from each of those, and each person that now comes in under you. Every new person that starts in your Payline will produce 2 more people. That process continues endlessly. But remember,  you still have to "Level Up" on each upgrade. Although, it may actually become easier to have the funds needed to advance as the "Process" progresses. Then, after 8 weeks, it's all yours.  All profit.


Now the best way to understand the pay plan is to understand that on each level the 2nd and 4th to your sponsor. ( this will work for you also, as you will have sponsored others ) The 1st, 3rd and everything, starting with the 5th on, are yours. So, as you proceed, you will have "Leveled Up" on previous upgrades making it easy to have the funds to continue for all 7 product plans. For instance, as you head into the $250 Fitness Advantage package, the monies that are being made on the $25 (Self Development), $50 (Business Development)and $100 (Wealth Creation) will cover the cost of Fitness Advantage.  ( also remember that someone is following you into that level at $250) *Now, this example is only as good as the diligence of those who are on your team. The Process is easy as long as you follow the steps.

Now the question: But what if someone stops the process at a certain point before the last level? I won't have the funds necessary to continue, will I?

Yes, you will.

The National Wealth Center's payment algorithm is set up to move people into your Payline when someone doesn't advance.

For Example: Your friend "Bob" is in your Payline but, for some reason, chose not to continue at the $1000 ( Wealth Creation Elite ) level. What happens? Everyone that Bob had in his Payline jumps over him and into your Payline. They have to. They have no where else to go.( At least until Bob decides to continue the Process. Then, those that have not upgraded continue back in his Payline. )

Please continue to "Step By Step" to review. This will give you even more specific information.