More On $$$

In order to understand how much you can make and how quickly, we must first go over how easy it is to grow your team.

Luckt Rabbit Team Build Via Cell.jpg

You have a Game, a Process, that will generate a credible amount of money and is free with the help of your "Funding". There is no "Catch".
Just as you are reading this, your future Teammates will be reading this. Let's quickly go over how easy it is to grow a Team. The picture above illustrates what could happen withing a few days if you just "Funded" 4 new Players. Why, because during your first week you are motivated to grow your Team and new Players are receptive to this because it is Free and they also want to make money. So, of your first 4 you keep 2 and the other 2 are "Qualifiers" ( all others after the 4th are yours ). Every person on your Team will give you their 2nd and 4th as a Qualifier. This is awesome as it grows your Team well beyond your sole efforts. So 2 Players produce 4 Players, 4 Players produce 8 Players, 8 Players produce 16 players...This goes on indefinitely. So how might this look your first month. Let's just take the first 3 levels as they are subscriptions levels. We'll say you have 100 people on your Team. (modest?)

$25 + $50 + $100 X 100
= $17,500.00 per/m

This doesn't include the other 4 levels that people will be following you to. It's actually pretty difficult to guess how much one could make with any accuracy.
Now, because you have access to a ton of platforms other than a phone, let's say you were really motivated and did more than just the 4 to qualify. Let's say you recruited a Team of 10 ( -2 qualifiers ) your second/third day. Now you have 8 Players producing 16 Players, then 16 Players producing 32 players, then 32 Players producing 64 Players...and on their 7th day they will be following you @ $25 per person, then, the next week @$50 per person, then the next week @ $100 per person...

As you "Level-Up" each week, your Team follows you through each level.

This is a Free Game/Process that will produce for you. You just have to Get Going.

If you are seeing this in January 2022, you have zero competition.

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There are 329,500,000 in the United States.

You have something that everyone wants, a way to make money without risk. Without working at a job around others during Covid. Without having to wait 2 weeks for a, garbage, first pay-check.

So, give them what they want and make a killing doing it.