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We know a severe financial disruption is coming our way. The question, if you had the chance to escape it, would you? If starting your own Team meant everyone on it represented between $175p/m to $12,425 in 2 months, would you start building? No Selling. No-Risk. No "Gotcha" moments. 

We use 2 existing programs.
National Wealth Center - it is a solid networking platform with products in our wheelhouse. It also has the perfect scale in product package pricing. It has a "Reverse-2 Up" pay algorithm. This will help grow your Team.
NetSpend affiliate program has a generous "bonus" for both the person referred and the person that introduced them. Lastly, every participant adheres to a strict 7 Day Timeline which is activated once you enter your information on the "Go" page.

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Okay, you see that we need both of these for this Process to work properly. When you are ready to start, you ask for the links to both NWC and NetSpend from the person who showed you this site. ( or, if you arrived through a capture page, refer to the email that was sent for the information you need.) Register on both sites. No need to purchase anything. At that point, come back to this site, click on "GO" and enter your info.

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Click When Ready To "Go".

This will enable the system to send you info. and "reminder" emails every week so you know when to start, then Level-Up. It would be wise to also set an alarm on your phone for exactly a week from this moment. We adhere to a strict 7 day timeline. ( Lucky Rabbit will immediately send you an email to get "set-up" and ready to go. ) This is how you and your Team will stay on track as you "Level-Up" every 7 days until you complete all levels.

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So, you now have questions about the $$$.

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Easy enough, right? Be careful to adhere to the 7 day timeline or you could end up on the WALL OF SHAME.

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There's not much more to this. Register on the sites, enter info. on "Go" page, spend 30-40 mins. to set-up, wait until the next day and start building your Team. For information on how to build your Team...

So, maybe you want to walk through what the first couple weeks could look like.

We know challenging times are on the way.
We want to avoid this:

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LRmini pic #5 12-12-21

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LRmini pic #6 12-12-21

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LRmini pic #1 12-12-21

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LRmini pic #5 12-12-21

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By making this:

And converting into assets like this: ( If Interested)

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In Conclusion.

(*actually started 1/16/22 )

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