Before the Stock Market crashes.

Before the Crypto Market Surges.



 With the understanding that we are facing another, global, financial meltdown and that Cryptocurrency/Precious Metals are nearing a bottom, I made up an easy Process for such an occasion. You would not use your money to start, you would need zero marketing chops, and it would self-finance itself over the course of 2 months. It, literally, could be started amongst a small group of friends. It's simple and fast. This is the front-end.

The back-end will consist of a forum with private line, live streaming /chat and the possibility of a blog. ( it goes without saying it will have a repository page for access to links ) You could have a say in how this Site/Forum will exist, if you choose.

So, what is the end result? The end result would be the ability for anyone ( in the United States ) to start a no risk business with the intent to quickly raise funds to invest in Cryptocurrency/Precious Metals/ ( or just Cash ) before it starts to run. Also, they would have access to information from their peers via the forum etc. This would be distinctive because, instead of people hypothesizing, it would be the experiences of people who are actually active in the markets.

I believe not only could this work but greatly benefit anyone that participates.

The only problem I have is the "Roll-Out". Being that time is a factor I am looking for help from some that are already established in the Online Business arena to help me test. I need feedback as to what works and what needs editing on the site.

By helping us Test, you would benefit in a couple ways. Some of you would not even have to look for your "qualifiers" as they would come from the pool of people interested in starting. ( the Process has not been pre-filled with members, and people will be given numbers, for the Roll-Out, as they express interest. ) You would have a say in the look and content of the site. You also would be able to have your interests displayed in the Forum.

For those of you that took the time to view this material, thank you. I would invite you to click the "Go To Site" button at the bottom. Please understand that the site is not in its final form and will have edits. Some pages may disappear altogether. If you have interest, ideas or questions feel free to contact me at or, I f you want to start, go to the FaceBook Group ( address on site ). I will give people numbers, as interest is show, for the "Roll-Out".