Okay, before we move on let's address a few things. Will tackle any concerns of this being a Pyramid Scheme first. Then, well move on to possible earnings. 

These questions were taken from a website that identifies "Pyramid Schemes".

The charge to start the business ( NWC) is $35 ( $25+$9.99 ) but the price is offset when using Process 7. So, the initial price is $0. It remains $0 throughout all levels as profits are used to "Level-Up".

Yes. The best product, information. Both with NWC and on the backend of P7 with the Block Party Forums site (w/Discord @ Twitch )

We Hold no inventory.

No. Unlike MLM, you Do Not take a fraction of everyone's profits that join after you. You do refer the 2nd and 4th person as everyone does and it helps greatly over time.

Even if you were to start immediately no money would be involved. You have a week before you actually start the Business and when you do, it's FREE. ( The money comes from the completion of the affiliate activation. ) There is no selling involved. It's "Show and Go". Show it to some people and if they are interested, great! If not, move on.

* I went further and found more questions to answer.

* Is heavy recruiting necessary to have success in the business?

- No. 4 people required to successfully start a solid campaign. That's it. We encourage to do it within a week, but it's Free at the end of the day. It's like handing out Candy. We do encourage people to help those who have problems finding their 4, but it's unlikely.

 * Is the product of any use?

Yes! Between NWC's info. and The Process 7BP/BlockPartyForums, we could not find a more complete answer to someone's financial problems. No cost, complete funding, and a wealth of information. 

* Do you promise big earnings?

No. We promise nothing. We offer a platform to anyone in the US ( over 18 ) with the potential of achieving great things in a short period of time if they have a little motivation. We can not supply the motivation.

* Do you charge large upfront fees?


I wonder if Social Security, Public Pensions, Health/Life Insurance could answer these questions the same?

The 2nd thing that may be on your mind is how much you could make?

This is tricky, as there are 7 levels within the business. Let's focus on the first 3 levels that are monthly subscriptions. We'll say that after 8 weeks you have 40 ( completely rational/ if things go bad ) paying a monthly subscription of $175 X 40 = $7000. 00 p/m ( completely hypothetical )

Now, because this Process encourages converting currency to assets, let's say you went on Binance and bought $4000 of XRP at 23 cents.


Now take a look at XRP when this page was being built.

Over the coarse of a couple months the price jumped, but you may plan to HODL.

If none of this made sense to you, don't worry, it will. Yes, we chose a perfect scenario with XRP. No, it won't always be that easy to make money on a Crypto. But!!! Many will, effortlessly.

Now you can see that answering the question, "How much can you make", is very difficult. So many variables to consider it is almost impossible to say. The top 4 levels were not even considered in the example. What do we know for sure, a motivated person with some focus could absolutely clean house. A great deal of Money/Assets and an astonishing Portfolio, all are up for grabs for anyone that has an interest.

Cryptocurrency is in the beginning of a maturing Bull Market.

If you are thinking things are going to go back to the way it was before Covid-19, then things are going to be extremely disappointing. If you are willing to change your view of how things are going to be in the future, then things may start looking very promising. The ability to change your outlook could completely augment your financial future in just a few months.

You Still Have Time.

Whether you're 18 or 80 you're now sitting in a position that 97% of the people in the United States are not. You have the solution to a problem. You have a credible means of accruing funds and are about join a community thats goal is to find the most expedient approach to obtaining Cryptocurrency,Tokens, Non-fungible tokens, Decentralized Finance, Silver/Gold, and Stocks.  ( and more )