Step By Step

Ok, so you've read through this site and have decided you want to participate.

What are the exact steps?

1- Get back with the person that gave you this link/website and ask them if they have there 4 to qualify. ( If you found this page without being referred, go to the Q&A for instruction. ) If they have, ask them for a referral ( someone in their line that has not qualified ) If they have not qualified, ask them for their National Wealth Center URL/address. Also ask them for their affillate link to NetSpend. ( If the person that introduced you to this site has already qualified and gave you a referral, you would ask for the same information from the referral. )

2- Go to the National Wealth Center link that was given to you and click "Start Now".

Register on the NWC site.

Verify that these are the correct names of your sponsor

Do nothing other than register. Do not purchase/start anything yet.

Now go to the NetSpend link that was provided and register.

You may not need a referral code. It should be the numbers at the end of the link that you were given.

3- Come back to this site and click on the "GO" page.

Enter your information - This what starts your "Process".

You will get an email from P7BP within moments. Open and confirm your address.

You now have a week before your next email. This is what you need to get done during this week:

- Show 4 of your friends this site. Tell them you'll have them covered. Give the your National Wealth Center/NetSpend URL if they want to begin.

- Make sure you have some sort of Payment Processor. PayPal, Payza, or Merchant Account. ( you will have the opportunity to get a Merchant Account, at a reduced price, once you join NWC as a paid member)

- Activate your NetSpend card as soon as you get it.

- Find a NetSpend Load/Reload center close to you. ( The purchase fee typically ranges from $2.95 to $4.95 in addition to the amount you wish to load on the card. Remember, this cost will be covered when you get the $20 from your sponsor ) Make sure to load at least $40 to be eligible to get the $20 from NetSpend. So $40+load cost $3/$5. ( This is the best way to Load your account to assure your bonus )

You can find your URL/Addresses by signing into National Wealth Center/NetSpend

Things to Remember:

Make sure when you hit the "GO" page and entered your info that it's at a time that will be convenient for you for the entire 2 months. Those emails are going to come at the same time every week. Never jump the gun ahead of the email reminder. It may mess someone else up and will be very evident.

Try and invite your 4 friends in ASAP. The faster you get them in and started, the better the process will work for you all.

Just as you were given $20, by your referrer, you will also have to give the $20 you make to the people you invite. The 4 that started under you will get your referral fee from NetSpend.( Don't confuse the $20 given to you to start the Process with the $20 you get as a referral fee. You're not losing any on your own money and you'll get your first payment for $25 right after ) This is what makes the Process free for everyone.