When making Lucky Rabbit we didn't want to offer people a "Chance" to make Money, We wanted to give people a "Choice". If they supply the motivation, the ambition, we'll come up with a way to pull it off.

So what'd we come up with?

- A process that anyone in the United States, over 18, could use to generate a credible amount of money, quickly. ( Essentially, we are going to show you how to Pay people to Make Money, for Free. )

- Free. The money is real but we generate the "Start-Up" Funds via a 3rd party.

- After seeing this site, you could be completely set-up and ready to go in an 1 hour or less.

- The next day you could, effortlessly, start building your Team

- 8 days from now, streams of income start paying.

- We wanted to encourage those interested in Cryptocurrency, or other financial instruments, to use this process to pursue their interests. ( We even built a server to study such things )

- Most importantly, we wanted something so engaging that not only would people want to start but be enthusiastic to start building a Team.

The PLAN Is Simple.

Network Platform

How does it work? We give people who play access to Ads/Memes/Pics prompting people to ask for more information about your Game/Process. These could be used in a text, a post, or on most any social media/advertising platform. ( Tons of places to choose from. ) We make sure those that are interested, are 18+, and residents of the United States. If they are "Qualified" we "Pay for them to play, or "Fund" their Game sight unseen. Then send them to a Capture page so we can get their info and immediately send information and, simultaneously, redirect them to this site so they can start their Game.

You only need 4 new players to qualify. ( getting people is as easy as handing out candy on Halloween. Remember- no cost, no risk, just "Choice". )

You'll have access to everything to need at no cost. No "Gotcha" moments.

That's it. Keep it interesting and fast.

Now, if you are seeing this site it in January 2022, you're  in the Catbird seat.
"a position of great prominence or advantage"

Yes, there is obviously more to learn about how this all works. Take some time to check out the rest of the information. We look forward to your thoughts.
We, also, look forward to helping you find quick success with "Lucky Rabbit".

( Remember, if you decide to start you will be invited to join us on our 24/7 Server. )



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