The Basics of Starting P7BP

1. Find someone, in P7BP, who has not yet qualified and get their NetSpend affiliate site address and Nation Wealth Center address. Register to both. ( Do not pay for anything on the NWC site )

2. Go to the P7BP.com site ( this one ). "GO" page, enter you information and press "Go".

3. Immediately and email will be sent. Open it and read. ( Even though you will get a "reminder" email every week, it is best that you create a back-up. Set up an alarm on your cell phone calendar a week from the time the email was sent. Do this for the next 7 weeks. This is the exact time you should be using to upgrade on all levels. Same time one week apart for 7 weeks. For example, I hit "GO" and received my email at 8:15pm. I'd set my calendar alarm for 8:15pm, one week apart, for 7 weeks.

4. Once you hit "GO" you have a week before you purchase the $25 Self - Development level. Your next step is to show P7BP to 4 people/friends that would be interested in making some money. ( remember, "show not "sell". Once people understand how risk free this is , they'll probably want to jump in. ) You'll also want to set aside $40 to load your NetSpend card ( remember, this money will be available as soon as you put it into your account. No risk )

5. As soon as you get your NetSpend card, activate it, and go to a local load center and put at least $40 on it. Then, NetSpend will add $20 to your account.

6. Tell your Sponsor that you have loaded you NetSpend account. Give them your Flash Pay ID and Name. ( Unless you both agree on another way to transfer the funds ) They will then send you $20 they received from NetSpend. This will be a total of $40 which will covered your expenses to start. The rest of the levels will pay for themselves.

7. A week after you hit "Go" you will get an email and/or your phone calendar alarm will sound. Now go into the back-office of your National Wealth Center site and pay the $9.95 admin. fee and pay for the $25 Self - Development level.


1. Remember that, just as you received a $20 kick-back from from your Sponsor's NetSpend money, you will also pay it forward to your 4 qualifiers. The first 4 people who join under you and use your NetSpend affiliate link are the 4 that you will send $20 once they load their account. You will lose no money and will make money as they pay for the Self - Development level. 

2. Stay conscious of who joins you and has paid. Sometimes, when someone pays, they may not be automatically marked as paid in the your back-office. You may have to do it manually. This delay could jeopardize how the process continues. If possible, try and send an email or text for confirmation when paying and receiving.

3. Choose when you start carefully. Remember, you will be reminded to level/upgrade at the same time every week. This is especially important if people joined closely, in time, after you did. You don't want to upgrade early or late. It could effect your Process and others, and will be very evident. You really want a consistent time every week.