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In a world that seems to give us nothing but bad news, we wanted to create something that would give people good news, effortlessly. How? By giving them a Game that most everyone over the age of 18, in the United States, can play without the threat of personal loss. Yet, real money is made.

So What Is P7BP About?

Originally, this site was simply an explanation of how to couple two existing platforms and use them to make money with a simple Process. Then we realized it was a Game. We leverage the technology and social platforms we all have and use and Play the Game.
The Rules:

1.- Help those that you introduced to the Game
2.- Strictly adhere to the 7 day timeline
3.- Be diligent when Funding others

Don't worry these will be explained as we go.

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Oh, we forgot to mention that we also provide a server so you can talk to your Team, and use it as a resource to study other ways to make your money, make money. Why, because the smartest people in a room are the ones who are always expanding or protecting their wealth.

So that's it in a nutshell. People like the idea of getting paid to "Play". So, Give them a "Game". A very easy Game!  Most every person that you introduce, and Plays, represents between $175 per month, to $12,600 in 2 months. If you're looking for a way to Level-up and go Boss-Mode, but don't want to risk you're own cash, this is it!

Your Goals:

1.- Build your team
2.- Level-Up once a week
3.- Complete all levels without spending a dime out of pocket!
4.- Kick Back and Relax
95% of people that see this are in the position to start for free, then help "Fund" others, at no cost to themselves.

Some of you starting now will have this knocked out by the start of the Holidays.


( If Wall Street Bets taught us anything, it was that millions of people are willing to take wild financial risks in order to change their situation. Why not give people a safer, more reliable, way to meet their needs? )
Easy, Fast, Effective, & Fun

The Plan
We Want To Escape This:

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Play the Game to Make This:

Then, Learn and Invest In This (If You So Choose):

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Let's Not Let Struggle Become A Comfort Zone. Let's Play Instead.

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