So What Is This ABOUT?

Because of the evolving paradigm shift to crypto currency, many will make millions if they make the right calls. In the next 3- 5 years an astounding amount of money will be made by a handful of people who have the foresight. This was before Covid 19.

Then Covid-19 Happened

Effects of COVID-19 On Economy 

- Largest Global Recession In History ( Lockdowns )

- Supply Shortages

- Panic Buying

- Price Gouging

- Global Stock Markets Fell ( Similar to 2008 )

- Small/Independent Businesses Crushed

* Sports/Film/Television/Tourism/Events/Air Travel/Train/Cruise Lines/ All Non-Essential Work  Interrupted 

Mass Unemployment

NOW- Accelerated Inflation

Covid Variants

The Corona/Covid-19 virus has created a great deal of new obstacles and change. With great change comes opportunities for those with foresight. Over the next couple of years, the greatest wealth transfer in history will take place. The "New World" caused by the virus may even expedite the exchange. The question is, will any of us benefit from it? Or will we be left behind?

This is how the "Recovery" is rolling out.

Are you going to be the Green line or the Red line?


The Reality of The "Recovery" so far.

K Recovery explainer.jpg

Worried? Don't be. Like was stated at the beginning, an enormous amount of money is going to be shifting into new areas. This is where P7BP comes into play.

Gamestock Google explanation.png
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OK, So What Is The Plan?

This website was created to explain: ( First ) a free process/business that can create a sustainable, predictable, line of currency. Money. Enough so that you can focus your time on creating wealth. ( explained on next page )

(Second) To study and find, previously unattainable, assets. For example: Bitcoin (BTC)/Tokens/ICOs/NFTs,Crypto/Alt Coin currencies, Silver, Gold, Stocks, Real Estate ect. ( and do it at the start on an emerging BULL MARKET in CRYPTOS)

BTC 2.png
Gold coin USA.png
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"A chimpanzee could make money in this market right now!" - Alex Becker (YouTube)

Millions of people are tired of "Business as Usual" and are willing to take action to create a better future for themselves. You are soon going to have the answer that most Americans are looking for.

In Conclusion

We Want To Avoid This:

We are trying to avoid the effects of this:

P7BP vid con 4 5-28-21.jpg
P7BP vid con 3 5-28-21.jpg
P7BP vid con 2 5-28-21.jpg
P7BP vid con 5-28-21.jpg

This is where we want to be:

P7BP vid pro 4 5-28-21.jpg
P7Bp vid pro2 5-28-21.jpg
P7BP vid pro 3 5-28-21.jpg
P7BP vid pro 5-28-21.jpg

Here's how we're gonna do it. Please read/view everything on the site, twice if needed. If you still have questions please contact the person that sent you to the site.