Before We Get To The "About", Lets Take A Look At Where We Are.

The current effects of COVID-19 on United States, Summer 2021 

 -Mass Labor Shortage
-Huge Surge In Demand For Products

 -Accelerated Inflation
-Supply Chain Complications

-Covid Variants Emerging
-General Confusion On Vaccine Effectiveness
-Possibility Of Restrictions/Lockdown
-Markets Reacting Erratically
-40% of Americans are getting Ready to Resign From Their Current Positions


The Corona/Covid-19 virus has created a great deal of new obstacles and change. With great change comes opportunities for those with foresight. Over the next couple of years, the greatest wealth transfer in history will take place. The "New World" caused by the virus may even expedite the exchange. The question is, will any of us benefit from it? Or will we be left behind?

The Reality of The "Recovery" so far.

K Recovery explainer.jpg

So What Is                 About?

So that's it in a nutshell. If you're looking for a way to Level-up and go Boss-Mode, but don't want to risk you're own cash. This is it!


( If Wall Street Bets taught us anything, it was that millions of people are willing to take wild financial risks in order to change their situation. Why not give people a safer, more reliable, way to meet their needs? )

We Want To Escape This:

P7BP about pic 7-29 #1.png
P7BP about pic 7-29 #2.png

We're Going To Do It By Making This:

Then, Learning and Investing In This:

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stellar 2.png
Theta 2.png
Gold coin USA.png

Do Not Let Struggle Become Your Comfort Zone.